10 Actors That Make Whatever Film They’re in at Least 25% Better

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6. Terry Crews

Terry Crews is in the upcoming “The Expendables” even though this is the first I’ve heard of him being an action hero. Still, I’m excited anyway because he’s massive and can probably break lots of things.

Granted, he’s done some action-tinged outings like “Street Kings” and “Harsh Times” but he’s surely more widely known for his goofball performances playing parts such as Julius Rock in “Everybody Hates Chris” and President Camacho in “Idiocracy”. Admittedly, his schtick is similar throughout his non-serious roles – he’s a huge badass who likes dancing and/or crying – but this HIGLY ORIGINAL AND SUBTLE joke doesn’t ever fail to make me laugh, so in that sense, that’s why he makes every film he’s in just that little bit better.

But the main reason he’s on this list is for the fact that he REALLY likes Vanessa Carlton. Same here Terry.

Essential Performance – Julius Rock in “Everybody Hates Chris”
Scene Stealer rating – 10/10

7. Anna Faris

Anna Faris is great in every movie she’s in and I haven’t seen her give a bad performance in any film. To be honest, she quite often plays the same type of ditzy blonde character (combing every single one of these performances into an unbeatable end-of-level boss in the “House Bunny”), but against all odds, she always delivers in these clichéd roles and quite often brings to them what can only be deemed to be a bit of her own personality.

Saying that, she doesn’t always stick to the standard rom-com stuff, and she gives quite an interesting (read: arousing) lesbotronic performance opposite Angela Bettis in “May”, but it’s for the “Scary Movie” franchise that she’s most widely known. Again, she is quite possibly the only reason for watching at least parts 2 and 4, even if her performance does entirely consist of her walking into things and falling over.

P.S. I managed to complete “The House Bunny” on hard with no cheats. I PWNED THE END BOSS IN 5 MINS LOLZ BEAT THAT N00BS OMG!!!!!!1

Essential Performance – Cindy Campbell in “Scary Movie”
Scene Stealer rating – 7/10

8. Anthony Anderson

Casting director: I need someone for the comic relief in this rubbish action movie.
Assistant: What requirements do you need?
Casting director: He needs to be funny and make the film at least 25% better.
Assistant: Ummm…Jim Carrey?
Casting director: Too expensive.
Assistant: Jonah Hill?
Casting director: No. Remember this film is going to be shit.
Assistant: Dane Cook?
Casting director: Not THAT shit.
Assistant: Terry Crews?
Casting director: He’s already on this list you fuck.
Assistant: Errrr…Any other requirements?
Casting director: He could be fat I suppose
Assistant: Kenan from Kenan and Kel?
Casting director: Naa, doesn’t know enough swear-words.
Assistant: Anthony Anderson?
Casting director: I want to have sex with you.

Essential Performance – Anything in “Anything he’s ever done”
Scene Stealer rating – 10/10

9. Angela Bettis

Like a modern update of a young Sissy Spacek (she even took over the role in the “Carrie” TV Movie) (WHICH WAS SHIT), Angela Bettis does something which not many of her contemporaries do – she nearly always picks outfield and non-mainstream acting parts. From the closet psychopath in “May” to the insect-obsessed 20-something with the voice of an 80 year-old in “Sick Girl”, Bettis always makes for an intriguing leading-lady.

Yes she’s done standard stuff like “The Toolbox Murders” remake, but even in that she still displayed a quirky flair that elevated the film from STVille and into cinemas. Bettis is yet again another example of an actress who makes a film worth watching for her performance alone, as she always brings something a little bit extra to roles that would quite often be relegated to standard stuff had they been tackled by lesser actresses.

Essential Performance – May Dove Canady in “May”
Scene Stealer rating – 7/10

10. Lance Henriksen

Henriksen is THE ONLY reason to watch shit-fests like “Aliens”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “The Terminator”, “Near Dark” and “Hard Target”, but he still makes masterpieces like “Alone in the Dark II” even better.

Essential Performance – Bishop in “Aliens”
Scene Stealer rating – 7/10

Honourable mentions: Ray Park, Zhang Ziyi, William Forsyth, Nick Swardson, Dwayne Johnson, Powers Boothe, Amy Poehler.

P.s. I actually quite like Dane Cook.

In films anyway. I can take or leave his stand-up.

Actually, leave.

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