10 More Actors That Make Whatever Film They’re in at Least 25% Better

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6. Craig Robinson

Try imagining anyone else say “Star Whores: Revenge of the Shit: The All Anal Final Chapter” and making it as funny as when Craig Robinson says it. You can’t.

Oh actually if Helen Mirren said it, it would be funny.

Or Jet Li.

Or Optimus Prime.

Ok fine it’s pretty funny if anyone says it, but Craig Robinson does a really REALLY good job.

Essential Performance: Matheson in “Pineapple Express”
Scene Stealer Rating: 8/10

7. Kevin Durand

Kevin Durand always plays interesting characters that are quite often dick-heads, usually MASSIVE ones. That dick-head in “Smokin’ Aces” was quite a dick-head, so was the fat dick-head in “Wolverine” but the biggest dick-head was that dick-head in “Walking Tall”, the one that the Rock kept beating up because he was such a huge dick-head.

He plays these dick-heads antagonists dick-heads so well though, and he’s a joy to watch. Of course he’s played non dick-heads, and he’s good in these roles as well but you always find yourself longing for a bit of dick. Wait, that came out wrong.

Essential Performance: That dick-head in “Walking Tall”
Scene Stealer Rating: 7/10

8. Elizabeth Banks

As I said before regarding the fact that it’s hard to beat a fight scene with a crazy bitch in a house, it’s also quite difficult to top a naked crazy bitch in a bath. Which is why Elizabeth Banks makes the list, not only for her hotness (which is off the scale) but also for the way in which she plays almost the same character in many of the films she’s in but adds a subtlety to them which makes them seem completely different. She does kooky particularly well, but doesn’t overplay it like actresses such as Zooey Deschanel (even though I like her too) but she also does real, bringing naturalism to many clichéd ‘female-love-interest’ parts thereby making them no longer so passé.

Now all we need is for her to bring naturism to some of her parts.

Essential Performance: Miri in “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”
Scene Stealer Rating: 7/10

9. Arnold Vosloo

I saw “Darkman II” and “Darkman III” before I saw the original and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed to discover that it wasn’t Vosloo playing the central character in the first entry (Neeson didn’t let me down though). Since then I haven’t really seen him in anything where he hasn’t played a bad guy – but that doesn’t bother me because he’s really rather good at it. Even when he’s in a film for a miniscule amount of time like in “Steel Dawn” he still makes his mark.

Of course he’s most famous for his fantastic role as Imhotep in the first two “Mummy” blockbusters and his Hollywood summer movie credentials continue to escalate through his part in G.I. Joe, where he plays


a bad guy.


Essential Performance: High priest Imhotep in “The Mummy”
Scene Stealer Rating: 7/10

10. Bruce Campbell

Silly me. I forgot Bruce Campbell. I think his name speaks for itself. Everyone knows he should be on this list. THE END.

Essential Performance: Ash in “Evil Dead II”
Scene Stealer Rating: 10/10

Bonus 11. War Machine

I’ve included this as a bonus because I don’t really know who this War Machine guy is. All I know is he’s got a weird dress sense and he’s only been in one movie that I know of. It’s only about 3 minutes long and it looks like a rip-off of that film “Iron Man”, I mean they’ve even called it “Iron Man 2”. It doesn’t seem to have a storyline but it’s already the best film I’ve ever seen. I reckon if Mr. Machine was in other stuff he’d make it better.

Like “Gigli”, if he was in that I rate everyone would’ve liked it.

Essential Performance: War Machine in “Iron Man 2”
Scene Stealer Rating: 11/10

EVEN MORE honourable mentions: Danny Trejo, Donnie Yen, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd, Ron Perlman, Tom Arnold

BTW I’m not doing another fucking list.

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