10 Seconds of the New Twilight: New Moon Trailer

On Monday, Summit Entertainment sent out word that they would be releasing the second trailer for their “Twilight Saga: New Moon” in front of the Vanessa Hudgens movie “Bandslam”, which is not coincidentally also from Summit. But before the film opens on Friday, you’ll be able to catch a 10-second clip from the trailer. Yup, it’s a trailer for a trailer. Hey, this is 2009, that kind of thing is pretty normal now, though I suspect if you told someone 10 years ago that studios would be releasing trailers for trailers, their head might explode. Oh, those were such innocent times…

“Twilight: New Moon” opens November 20, and will find Bella (Kristen Stewart) trying to move on without Edward (Robert Pattinson). Luckily for her, a oft-shirtless Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) is there to lend a shoulder. And some wandering hands, it would appear.

10-second clip from the new “New Moon” trailer below. The full trailer will premiere in front of “Bandslam” this Friday.