10 Things About Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel: The Good, The Better, and The Debated

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Man of Steel (2013) Movie Image


Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is a divisive movie among fans. Much like Christopher Nolan’s swan song for “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” it has caused quite a stir, either loved or hated, with few who are in the middle. I am personally of the mind it was a great modernization of the character and his mythos, much the way both “Batman Begins” and “Amazing Spider-Man” took the stories we know and added some reality and humanization to them. Say what you want about the film, though, it was a complete success for WB/DC/Legendary, and has set a fire under DC that has them scrambling to capture some of that shared universal goodness Marvel has been riding for almost a decade now.

What I am giving here is my personal opinion on what was well done, and the much debated destruction of Metropolis and the killing of Zod.

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