10,000 B.C. Stomps the Box Office

The reviews weren’t kind (as expected), but Roland Emmerich’s “10,000 B.C.” nonetheless ruled at the box office in its opening weekend, taking in $35.7 million at the U.S. box office, which is about on par with industry expectations. The (not really) historical epic also opened worldwide in 20 countries, where it landed at the #1 spot in 19 of the 20 overseas markets, for a combined overseas take of $25.3 million. Who says great special effects and generic storylines doesn’t sell movie tickets nowadays?

At the U.S. box office, the Martin Lawrence stab at comedy (and I use the term loosely, this is Martin Lawrence we’re talking about, after all) “College Road Trip” came in at #2 with $14 million, most likely thanks to its teen star instead of its overbearingly unfunny adult star.

The week’s other two debuting films, the Jason Statham crime caper “The Bank Job” came in at #5 with $5.7 million, which sort of reminds you that Jason Statham is really not that big of a box office draw than most of us thought. Meanwhile, Focus Feature’s “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” landed at #11 with $2.5 million. Not bad for a film that opened in only 1/3rds of the theaters as “The Bank Job”.

Box office Top 10 (via):

1 ——10,000 B.C. ——Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution ——$35,730,000
2 ——College Road Trip ——Buena Vista Pictures Distribution ——$14,000,000
3 ——Vantage Point ——Sony Pictures Releasing ——$7,500,000
4 ——Semi-Pro ——New Line Cinema —— $5,900,000
5 ——The Bank Job ——Lionsgate ——$5,710,000
6 ——The Spiderwick Chronicles ——Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies ——$4,800,000
7 ——The Other Boleyn Girl ——Sony Pictures Releasing, Focus Features ——$4,000,000
8 ——Jumper ——20th Century Fox Distribution ——$3,750,000
9 ——Step Up 2 the Streets —— Buena Vista Pictures Distribution —— $3,049,000
10 ——Fool’s Gold ——Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution ——$2,800,000

10,000 B.C. Stomps the Box Office