12 Inches of The Baroness to Drool Over at Comic Con 09

If you’re planning to attend Comic Con 2009 in July, you’ll be able to get yourself one of these 12-inch Baroness action figures that toy guys Hasbro will be making available exclusively for Con attendees. Why the Baroness? We are talking about a bunch of comic book geeks and fanboys here, many of whom have never touched a woman, so what else are you gonna give them, Duke? It’s either Scarlett or the Baroness, and since the Baroness packs a pretty mean assault rifle and those librarian glasses just adds to her overall hotness, it’s a no-brainer.

So what do you get with your Baroness lust toy — er, action figure? Hasbro says:

The figure, in the likeness of BARONESS actress Sienna Miller as seen in the upcoming movie, features a soft goods trench coat and body suit as well as multiple signature weapons. The figure comes with an R. Black designed “COBRA recruiting poster” featuring BARONESS and features the “COBRA Office of Propaganda” seal of approval. The figure and poster are packaged together in a premium faux-leather box with embossed foil.

There’s also a Destro toy that will be made exclusively available at Comic Con, but it’s Destro, so who cares. Well, G.I. Joe diehards will care, but for the rest of us, it’s Baroness or bust. Pics of the dangerous hottie below.

Joe the movie opens August 7.