127 Hours Later

danny-boyleThere is always the inevitable moment after a survival movie in which you wonder, even if it goes unsaid, whether you have the same will to survive as the character in the film. It’s difficult to know until you’ve actually been through it. Well, mountaineer Aron Ralston has. After his arm became trapped underneath a boulder for five days during a Utah climb in May of 2003, he amputated it with a dull knife and then scaled a 65-foot cliff, before running into a family that gave him food and water. (by the way, what would it be like to have a haggard one-armed man running toward you in the middle of nowhere?)

According to Variety, Danny Boyle and Fox Searchlight are planning to adapt the inspirational tale into a movie called 127 Hours, slated for a late 2010 release. If you’re counting, that’s five days and seven hours in total. I don’t know how Boyle’s going to do a film about a guy trapped beneath a boulder, but fortunately, the creative team behind Slumdog Millionaire will reunite: Simon Beaufoy is in talks to write the script, and Christian Colson will produce. Good things should come out of this project, even if it’s painful to watch.