14 Blades Teaser Trailer is Teasingly Awesome

A teaser trailer for Donnie Yen’s latest Chinese costume martial arts epic “14 Blades” has landed online, and oh boy does it look good. I mean really, really good. It looks like the movie that “An Empress and the Warriors” should have been. The focus of the film seems to be directed at the right spot — the action — and not some insipid romance or, worst yet, some perfunctory love triangle. The Daniel Lee-directed film stars Yen and Vicki Zhao, along with Sammo Hung and Damian Lau.

Set during the Ming Dynasty the movie will depict the exploits of a group of elite assassins known as the Imperial Guards. Trained since early childhood to become masters of the sword in service of the emperor, these men carried out their tasks with deadly precision.

Starring Donnie Yen, Wei Zhao, Chun Wu, Yuwu Qi, Sammo Hung, Kuan Tai Chen, Chen Zhi Hui, Ma Wu, Damian Lau, Kate Tsui, Kar-Ying Law, and Xiang Dong Xu. Directed by Daniel Lee.

The blades come out in Hong Kong February 2010.

Update: Here’s the full trailer.