14 Really Hard Movie One-Man Armies

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2. John Matrix in “Commando”

“Ver da fuck iss Chenny?  I reely need to fiynt CHENNY!  Eef any of dose scheissekopf  mit gans are looking at me again, I AM GOING TO BE SMASHING DEM VIV MY MACHINE GAN UNT FISTS!  Oh and you know ven I said that I vood kill you last?  Yes, you now ven I said that?  Vell, I LIED!”

The finale to 1985’s “Commando” is quite possibly the greatest one-man-army sequence in movie history.  Picture the scene:  John Matrix has infiltrated the bad guy’s villa to find his kidnapped daughter Jenny, but oh no!  There are absolutely tons of henchmen and they all have guns!  But oh yes!  John Matrix is the hardest most bullet-proof man in the world and he doesn’t even bat an eyelid as he wipes out the entire army.  If that wasn’t enough, he even has time for a knife fight with the lead bad guy, Bennett – before kindly allowing him to let off some steam.

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Author: Gazz Ogden

Gary enjoys films with explosions, fighting, giant robots, sex scenes, swearing, monsters and Eric Roberts - or what can more commonly be termed, 'shit'. He is an expert (by default) on films that nobody else watches and his favourite movie is Transformers - although he is aware lots of people watched that.
  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Kham in Tom Yung Goon aka The Protector starring Tony Jaa.
    Inspector Tequila Hard Boiled (Chow Yun Fat)
    Beck in The Rundown (Dwayne Johnson)
    Todd 3465 in Solider (Kurt Russell)
    But Tequilla is a definite man.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

    I have to admit, Liam Neeson was incredibly badass in “Taken”. I was shock that he could be that utterly badass. Hope he comes back for the sequel.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

    LOL. Todd in “Soldier”. One of my favorite guilty pleasures. It also co-starred another major (but alas, pretty much former now) badass, Jason Scott Lee.

  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Yeah that was such a good “bad” film. And Jason Scott Lee came off of Dragon on fire, and then Hollywood quickly put him out.

  • Eric

    yea all of those are awsome. Isn't number 8 from “The Rundown”.

  • GazzO

    Yeah it is from “The Rundown” – it was called “Welcome to the Jungle” in England.

  • vineland

    Liam Neeson kicked ass in Sam Raimi's Darkman. Plus Rutger Hauer in Blind Fury. Definitely Hard Boiled; Chow and Tony made me shit my pants they were so good in that film.

  • GazzO

    Yes! I forgot about Blind Fury – such a good film.

  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Blind Fury was awesome!!! Now that's something that could use a remake with some extra japanese flair thrown in.

  • Thebugman1

    Leon the Professional is a no show on this list? Really? Even as a runner-up?