14 Really Hard Movie One-Man Armies

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‘Army-of-One’, ‘One-Man-Army’, ‘I’m-Really-Hard-and-You’re-Not’ – whatever you want to call them, these wrecking machines are what make an interest in cinema worthwhile.  Never have I disliked, or will I ever dislike, any film which features a one-man-army in any capacity – even if “Commando” is just playing on the TV in the background.

So here is a list (in no particular order) of films that contain what I believe to be 14 of the hardest one-man-armies ever depicted in film.  Aside from the most well-known ones, I’ve also tried to throw in a few you might not have yet witnessed.

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Author: Gazz Ogden

Gary enjoys films with explosions, fighting, giant robots, sex scenes, swearing, monsters and Eric Roberts - or what can more commonly be termed, 'shit'. He is an expert (by default) on films that nobody else watches and his favourite movie is Transformers - although he is aware lots of people watched that.
  • Sly

    Marion Cobretti

  • Sly

    Marion Cobretti

  • AK

    Sly said “Marion Cobretti” – I have to disagree. I mean, AT MOST these other One Man Armies have a funny quip after killing someone (or 115 someones), like “Oh, Sully, I let him go” or “You tried to rape my daughter to get me here? I think you miscalculated.” But in Cobra, Stallone's all “Hey everybody, wanna hear my opinion on how to deal with scum? OK, like, the police can't do anything anymore because bad guys have all these 'rights' and stuff. So you gotta head out to some Motel in the middle of nowhere, and then kill the psycho gang that can't decide if they're the Manson Family, a Satanic Cult, a terrorist organization, or a biker gang. Oh, and if you wanna know why these Satanic Terrorists that like big sharp things and riding around on bikes are on the streets, it's because the courts let them out of jail.” Shut up – if I wanted to hear that crap I'd watch Fox News! Now get with the killin'!!

  • BrunetteInFL

    The Professional was left off this list….as well as almost any film with Clint Eastwood…who can forget Dirty Harry saying “Go Ahead…Make My Day”….?

  • jms dgls

    If you havnt, you really need to watch:
    Sgt. John North (Brian Bosworth) in One Tough Bastard aka One Mans Justice
    Jake (John Matuszak) in One Man Force