1408 Writer Visits the Pet Sematary Remake

Yup, they’re remaking Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”, as if you couldn’t see it coming. Mathew Greenberg, who penned the most recent King adaptation, the John Cusack-starring “1408”, has been brought onboard to take a trip to the cemetery one more time for producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Paramount. Apparently at one point George Clooney was interested in starring in a remake of the 1989 film, but he apparently got smart and dumped it.

Based on King’s 1983 novel, “Pet Sematary” has a city couple moving to the country with their little boy. When the tyke is killed in an accident, the father takes the body to a nearby pet cemetery, having learned of its “resurrection” properties thanks to that old supernatural standby, the “built on top of an Indian burial ground” gag. It works and the son is resurrected — just not as dear old dad had hoped. Can you say, “demon kid”?

The original starred Dale Midkiff, “Star Trek’s” Denise Crosby and Fred Gwynne as the “old wise guy who knows stuff”. It spawn a sequel starring Edward Furlong.

You might not have seen the 1989 original, but you’ve probably seen parodies of it on “South Park”. I believe they did it twice.