17 New Character Posters From The Walking Dead Season Three

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Character Portrait

As season three of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” creeps ever closer, the hype machine has kicked into high gear. It seems like we’re getting new promotional material on a daily basis, and today is no different. The network has dropped 17, yes, 17 new character posters.

These pictures are definitely on the grim side of things. Every single one of our scrappy bunch of zombie-apocalypse survivors looks like they’ve been through the ringer. Season three has upped the grizzle factor, even on the useless ones, like Carol (Melissa McBride) and Carl (Chandler Riggs). Though somehow Glenn (Steven Yuen) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) still manage to look pretty, even after the world has gone to the walkers. And Michonne (Danai Gurira) and The Governor (David Morrissey) are badass enough to warrant multiple portraits.

Season three picks up a few months after the conclusion of the last season. The crew finds themselves living in an abandoned prison, which they have to clear out before they can occupy, and facing a new threat, other people.

“The Walking Dead” season three premiers Sunday, October 14. This arc gets into some of the best material from Robert Kirkman’s comic books. New characters, new dangers, new hardships combine to paint a bleak, bleak picture for our protagonists. Dark, brutal days lie ahead. I just hope the show has the stones to do what is necessary to portray these events anywhere near as rough as they are in the books.

Via : AMC