Steven Grant’s 2 Guns Gets a Writer

Sometimes a comic book sounds more like a movie, which is the case with Steven Grant and Mat Santolouco’s “2 Guns”. The story is described as a buddy cop movie, a throwback to the ’80s “Lethal Weapon” and “Tango and Cash”, and Boom! Studios, the company behind the comic, has tapped Blake Masters, the creator of the Showtime show Brotherhood to adapt the series into a live-action movie for them. The article doesn’t make clear if “adapt” means he’ll just write it, or if he’ll also direct.

According to THR, the plot of “2 Guns” finds a DEA agent and an undercover naval intelligence officer who are unwittingly investigating each other and who steal mob money for the good guys. They realize later that the mob actually got them to swipe $50 million from the CIA. See, that’s why you can never trust the mob. Sure, they’re all, “Bada bing, bada boom,” but sooner or later they end up tricking you into stealing money from the CIA. Happens to me all the time.

Blake Masters knows a thing or two about writing buddy cop-ish characters. His Showtime show Brotherhood was about a politician and a gangster who happened to be brothers, and who always seem to end up working together. They’re like Tango and Cash that way, except their names aren’t Tango and Cash, and according to the comic book cover below, they have better hair.