2 Guns Loses O. Russell and Vaughn, Possibly Gets Wahlberg

Last we heard, “The Fighter’s” David O. Russell was setting his sights on re-writing and directing Universal’s “2 Guns”, based on a comic book by Boom! Studios that you (or anyone else, for that matter) have probably never heard of. Apparently he’s changed his mind.

THR reports that O. Russell has abandoned the project. What’s more, Vince Vaughn, who has been attached to star, is also out of the movie. In their place, Mark Wahlberg, who seems to be “attached” to a gazillion movies nowadays, is currently attached to the film as its new lead. One of the two main leads, anyway, as the film is reminiscent of the Buddy Cop films from the ’80s.

“2 Guns”, in case you’re keeping track, has been around since 2008, when Universal first picked it up. The story follows “a DEA agent and an undercover Naval Intelligence officer who are unwittingly investigating each other and who steal mob money for the good guys. The duo realizes later that the mob actually got them to steal $50 million from the CIA.”

Yeah, not good stealing from the CIA, especially in the movies. You could probably get away with it in real life, being that the CIA is never that smart in real life, but in the movies, they’re like ninjas or something, around every corner and listening to every phone call. That is, when they’re not brainwashing uber assassins and the like.

It’s curious that Wahlberg, who starred in “The Fighter” for O. Russell, would be in talks to sign up just as O. Russell is jumping ship. The two was supposed to work together on the “Drake’s Fortune” movie, too, before O. Russell went and left that film as well. Dude just has a habit of leaving things unfinished, apparently. Hopefully he and Wahlberg will get those two “Fighter” sequels made like they’ve been promising, but considering O. Russell’s M.O., I’m not holding my breath.