2008 Oscars Lowest Rated Oscars … EVER

It’s official: most of America kinda don’t really give a friggin’ damn about the Oscars. Then again, when you give a statuette to “The Golden Compass” for best special effects over “Transformers”, you sorta deserve it, don’t you? According to Nielsens, the 2008 Oscars was the lowest rated Oscars telecast in Oscars history, even beating out the 2003 ratings by 1 million less viewer.


For whatever reason, this year’s Oscars repelled viewers as it went on. What began as a show that averaged 32.3 million viewers in its first half-hour, devolved into a show that averaged 25.4 million in its final half-hour of prime time.

Stewart, who previously presided over the 2006 Oscars, now goes down as the host of two of the three lowest rated Academy Awards in TV history. And in defense of Steve Martin, who hosted the 2003 misfire, that ceremony competed for attention with the start of the Iraq War. Stewart, thusly, stands alone as the lowest-rated host of relatively peaceful Oscar nights.

I didn’t watch the Oscars myself, mostly because the Houston Rockets was playing that night. But even if they weren’t, I still wouldn’t have watched the Oscars. I learned my lesson ten years ago, thank you very much.

The only person I feel bad for is Jon Stewart. He’s a funny dude, and I really like his work, and it would suck if the low ratings got pinned on him.

2008 Oscars Lowest Rated Oscars … EVER