2010 Emmy Nominations: HBO’s Very Ungleeful The Pacific Dominates

Not surprisingly, HBO’s mega-budgeted WWII mini-series “The Pacific” dominated the 2010 Emmys (officially, the 62nd Annual Primetime Awards in case you’re keeping track at home). The bleak and depressing war mini-series about the Marines fighting the bloody, unrelenting battles against the Japanese in the Pacific during the second world war nabbed a whopping 24 nominations, besting its predecessor, 2001’s “Band of Brothers” by 5 nods. Like “Band of Brothers”, don’t expect much Emmy love for the individual actors in the mini-series, though. Oh no, the Emmy voters will save that for the same old bullshit group of actors in the same ol boring bullshit mini-series. Same-o, same-o.

Coming in second was the unfathomably popular (though for whatever reason, I have absolutely no idea) “Glee” with 18 nominations. Apparently kids really, really like shows about 20-something actors lip-syncing to brainless pop songs and (very badly) pretending to act like teenagers in high school. Go figure.

You can see the big list of Emmy nominations over at Emmy’s official site. Feel free to marvel at the absolutely ridiculous categories available, including everything from “Outstanding Commercial” (yes, an award for the best commercial) to “Outstanding Hairstyle” (yes, awards for the best hairstyles in three separate categories). Oy.

The show will be broadcast live on Sunday, August 29, on NBC. Pencil it in now, kids! Unless, of course, you have laundry to do that night…or a dentist appointment…