2012 Chinese Visual Festival Announces Audience Choice Awards Winners

Once Upon a Time Proletarian (2009) Movie PosterThe 2012 version of the Chinese Visual Festival have announced their Audience Choice Awards as chosen by you, the people. Which is very appropriate, given that most of the 17 independent documentaries screened at this year’s festival were geared towards the average working man and woman’s plight. Congrats to all the winners!

The 2012 Chinese Visual Festival, which held its last screening on 17th July, is delighted to announce the results of the Audience Choice Awards, as voted by this year’s festival goers and chosen from the 17 independent Chinese documentaries screened.

In First Place is Guo Xiaolou’s Once Upon a Time Proletarian, a stunning documentary exploring contemporary China through a series of interviews with people from different classes in society. In Second Place is Yu Guangyi’s Bachelor Mountain, following a lonely man’s search for love in a bleak logging region, and in joint Third Place are Cao Dan’s Dragon Boat, a highly artistic documentary dealing with dragon boat racing and the loss of traditional culture, and Kim Taylor’s Shanghai Quest, which charts the ups and downs of three westerners trying to make it in Shanghai.

Bachelor Mountain (2011) Movie PosterChinese Visual Festival would like to congratulate the winning directors and all the other film makers, whose superb films helped to make this year’s festival so successful. Audiences in London and across the UK will have another chance to see the award winning films as part of the upcoming Chinese Visual Festival touring program.

Chinese Visual Festival is a leading UK Chinese cultural event showcasing independent Chinese films, contemporary art, music and more. With an annual event and screening sessions in London, a UK touring program and international expansion planned, Chinese Visual Festival presents Chinese reality to overseas audiences from the refreshing perspective of conversations between moving images and art.

For more details on the films and the 2012 Chinese Visual Festival, visit the official site.

Dragon Boat (2010) Movie Poster