2013 Chinese Visual Festival Audience Awards Winners

Chinese Visual Festival 2013 Poster

Press Release:

Chinese Visual Festival, which ran from 8th May until 12th June in partnership with King’s College London, is delighted to announce the results of its 2013 Audience Awards, as voted for by members of the public attending the festival:

3RD PRIZE to Rice Distribution (Tammy Cheung)
2ND PRIZE to The Transition Period (Zhou Hao)
1ST PRIZE to Disorder (Huang Weikai)

Disorder Movie PosterHuang Weikai’s Disorder, which also won the festival’s Jury Award 1st Prize, is unquestionably one of the most significant modern independent Chinese documentaries. A collage assembled from thousands of hours of black and white footage, Disorder presents a dizzying snapshot of life in Guangzhou, leaping between random stories through a stream of arresting images, including traffic accidents, police action, rampaging pigs and more. The end result is a breathless and entertaining experience like no other, alternately shocking and amusing, and the film’s double award win at Chinese Visual Festival 2013 underlines its power and popularity with audiences and critics alike.

The Transition Period Movie PosterZhou Hao’s The Transition Period offers an amazingly frank look at the workings of the Chinese government, following a civil servant during his last three months as party secretary of an underdeveloped county. Multi-layered and subtly provocative, the film takes audiences behind the scenes in extraordinary fashion, and again proves the director a master of the observational form. Zhou Hao was in attendance at the festival, and as well as presenting several of his other works, including the World Premiere of Emergency Room China, he took part in Q&A sessions and forums, sharing insights into his film making process and documentary making in Mainland China.

Rice Distribution Movie PosterTammy Cheung’s Rice Distribution focuses on the Ghost Festival in Hong Kong, when the gates of hell are opened and people offer food to the deceased and their ancestors to ward off bad luck. In Hong Kong, Taoist organizations also give away rice to the elderly and the poor, and the film pays particular attention to these marginalised segments of Hong Kong society, who are increasingly being ignored and left uncared for. Presenting a down to earth glimpse of a side of life and cultural tradition in Hong Kong rarely seen by outsiders or even by many residents, Rice Distribution is a fascinating film which is filled with local colour, sights and sounds. Tammy Cheung was on hand at the festival to discuss the film with audiences, taking part in lively Q&A sessions and joining Zhou Hao in panel discussions.

2013 was the biggest and most successful Chinese Visual Festival yet, the prize winners forming part of a 10 day program of 29 films from across the Chinese speaking world, an art exhibition and musical performances. The films screened covered a wide range of topics, offering glimpses of life in very different environments and presenting audiences with a huge variety of sights and experiences, from the rampaging pigs and chaos of Disorder, through to behind the scenes explorations of China’s institutions, private detectives, punk rock bands, blind dating, Buddhist monks and more.

Chinese Visual Festival has plans for further events in 2013 and will return for its 4th edition in 2014.