21st Century Ninja Assassins Apparently Don’t Get the Whole Invisible Part

You know, back in the day, ninja assassins did everything they could to stay hidden and out of the public eye. That’s, like, part of their job description, right? Apparently not so much in the new movie “Ninja Assassin” from the brothers Wachowski and directed by James McTeigue (“V For Vendetta”). Here, black-clad, hooded ninjas apparently don’t have any issues with running down a busy street chasing their victim. Okay, so maybe they really, really, really want/need/have a major hard-on to kill our hero, but come on, it’s in the middle of a busy street and you’re all running around in pajamas and carrying swords! Way to stay unnoticed and invisible, chumps.

Anyhoo. Check out this street chase clip from MTV. If nothing else, at least the clip looks pretty damn brutal and bloody, two things I love in my ninja assassin movies.

“Ninja Assassin” stars South Korean superstar Rain in his English-language debut, and co-stars Naomie Harris, Randall Duk Kim, Sung Kang, Rick Yune, Shô Kosugi, and Ben Miles. It slashes and chops its way into theaters November 25, 2009.