21 Takes 23 Million at the Box Office

Who says kids can’t appreciate a good heist film nowadays? Okay, so maybe “21” isn’t really a heist film, more like a con film with, er, math — or something like that. What matters is that the blackjack movie, based on a true story (except the real hero was Asian, but has since been Caucasianized for the movie version), claimed the #1 spot at the box office with an impressive $23 million take in its first week of release. Jim Carrey’s animated Dr. Seuss movie, meanwhile, continues a strong run with $17 million in its third week of release, for a grand total of $117 million at the domestic box office.

Besides “21”, two other films opened at the box office this week, including the superhero spoof “Superhero Movie”, which did surprisingly well at #3 with $9.5 million, while the Iraq war movie “Stop-Loss”, about an honorable soldier who is forced back into service after his contract is up, landed at #8 with $4.5 million.

Here’s how the rest of the Top 10 broke down at the box office (via):

1 —–21 —–Sony —–$23,700,000
2 —–Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! —–Fox —–$17,425,000
3 —–Superhero Movie —–MGM/W —–$9,510,000
4 —–Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns —–LGF —–$7,760,000
5 —–Drillbit Taylor —– Par. —–$5,800,000
6 —–Shutter —–Fox —–$5,325,000
7 —–10,000 B.C. —–WB —–$4,875,000
8 —–Stop-Loss —– Par. —–$4,525,000
9 —–College Road Trip—– BV —–$3,505,000
10 —–The Bank Job —–LGF —–$2,800,000

21 First Place at Box Office