24-7 Robot Security Gets Dangerous (and a Tad Creepy) in First Trailer for Echo Dr.

Dane Bowman and Johnathan Hurley in Echo Dr. (2013) Movie Image

See, this is why my home security consists of a fake alarm sign in the front yard and a camera over the door that isn’t attached to anything. Cause anything else is just too risky. Say, like hiring a robot to guard your premises 24-7. Sure, it works well at first, as it seems to in writer/director Patrick Ryan Sims’ “Echo Dr.”, but what happens when that robot gets all screwy? If the “Terminator” movies have taught us anything, it’s that screwy robots are dangerous robots.

Check out an intense looking trailer for the indie sci-fi thriller “Echo Dr.” It’s all fun and games until the creepy robot sneaks up on your half-dressed wife and tries to kill you. Am I right?

Echo Dr. is a gripping upcoming sci-fi film that follows the seemingly normal life of Mike Foster and his family. But this reality is soon disrupted after a failed kidnapping attempt on his wife and children. Feeling helpless and unguarded, Mike meets with his home’s high tech developer who decides to install an android patrol guard, named Dell, to keep watch on the property. Growing attached to the property itself, Dell begins to question Mike’s ownership and authority while showing signs of hostility. After a power surge disables the home’s security, Dell believes that Mike and his family are a threat to the house itself and attempts to eradicate them by any lethal means necessary.

Starring Dane Bowman, Johnathan Hurley, Jordan Savage, Claire Gordon-Harper, Aaron Turgeon, Johnnie Duval, and Chris Maple.

No word on a release date yet, but you can get updates via its Facebook page or official site.