24: Exile – The Movie Trailer

How do you know the 24 prequel movie is based entirely in a world of fiction? Because it opens with the first woman being sworn in as the President of the United States. Now I’m not saying that Americans can’t handle a woman being President, but I am saying that the closest a woman has ever come to being elected President, we spent all our time making fun of her thunder thighs and wondering how long it’s been since she got the “once over” by the hubby. But hey, that’s real life, and in the world of fiction, 24 is about to introduce their first ever female President. Plus, some crap goes down in Africa or something. Luckily for America, our baddest bad boy, Jack Bauer, just happens to be there to save the day. God Bless you, Jack Bauer.

Behold, the first trailer for 24: The Movie. Well, the TV prequel movie, anyway. Not the actual feature-length movie. I hear tell they’re doing that after the show’s 20th season. Give or take. Bonus point: Apparently they’ve given the movie a title: “Exile”.

The prequel movie co-stars the guy from Ally McBeal (well actually, two guys from Ally McBeal), that short guy who played a Bond villain a few years back, and a bunch of other people who you have never heard of, but who Jack Bauer will kill anyway because that’s just how my boy rolls.