24 Movie? Nope. 24 MOVIES.

Or at least, that’s the type of ambitious talk coming forth from the mouth of Jack Bauer himself. Speaking to Total Film, Kiefer Sutherland reveals that they’re not talking about just one little ol “24” movie once the show wraps up in a couple of months, but rather a couple of “24” movies. Or at least, that’s the idea. Of course, it’ll all depend on how well the first “24” movie does, since a “24” movie set in Europe will, in all likelihood, be pretty expensive, what with Jack Bauer’s need to blow shit up and all.

Sutherland also reveals that the end of the TV show will indeed pave the way for the upcoming movie. Alas, fans of Annie Wersching’s Renee Walker won’t be seeing her around in the movie, since the character was killed off in this week’s episode. Oh come on, tell me you were surprised. This is Jack Bauer and “24”, after all — getting too close to this guy is like voluntarily jumping into a pit full of vipers. And as soon as Jack laid the lip smack down on her, you pretty much knew she was a goner.

And as previously reported, Sutherland confirms that the movie will not be presented in real-time, but rather a full day presented in two hours time. Which sorta makes the show’s entire gimmick obsolete, but I suppose they’re going to rely on Jack Bauer and not the ticking clock to carry the movies.