24 Movie Prequel Adds Three More

Jack Bauer’s 2-hour bad day in Africa is about to get worst — he now has to face off against Tony Todd (pictured, below), Candyman himself, who has joined the cast of the 24 movie, a prequel to the show’s upcoming seventh season, as “cruel African dictator Gen. Juma.” Are there any other kinds of African dictators? Also joining the ast of the 2-hour prequel are Eric Lively and Gil Bellows, most famous for lusting after Calista Flockhart in Ally McBeal, but I like to think of him as the CIA dude from The Agency instead.

The Hollywood Reporter has the casting breakdown:

Bellows, best known for his role on Fox’s “Ally McBeal,” will play a State Department officer ordered to serve Bauer with a subpoena to appear before the Senate.

Todd, who also will appear during Season 7, will play cruel African dictator Gen. Juma. Todd has been recurring on NBC’s “Chuck” as CIA director Graham.

It’s curious that they even set this movie in Africa. What was Jack Bauer sent there to do, take out Juma? Rescue the Prez’s son?

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