24: Redemption TV Spot

Will there ever come a time when I get tired of watching Jack Bauer and his terrorist-hunting ways on 24? Sure, I can see it happening one of these days. It’ll probably be about the same time they bring David Palmer back from the dead, Jack starts acting like a pussy and refuses to torture people, and Chloe O’Brien becomes strangely normal. Until then, I still like my daily dose of 24, and gosh darn it, I’m looking forward to Season 7 even though Season 6 was less than spectacular. Let’s face it, when Jack’s brother and daddy starts becoming involve in conspiracies, you know the writers are starting to become desperate for new ideas.

Jack Bauer saves Africa November 23rd in the original TV movie “24: Redemption” (formerly “24: Exile”), leading into the seventh season in early 2009.