24 Season 7 Won’t Air Until 2009

Sorry, Jack Bauer fans, but your favorite show won’t be returning to the airwaves until January 2009, despite the impending end of the writer’s strike. The culprit for the delay? Yeah, you guessed it, that damn writer’s strike, which shut down production on the show’s Season 7, thus ensuring the 2008 cancellation.


Then there’s “24.” Fox has decided not to try forcing a full season of the Kiefer Sutherland drama at this late date; show won’t return until January.

By now everyone knows that 24 isn’t like every other show, singularly because of its serialized nature, which requires that the show’s episodes be shown every week for 24 straight weeks without interruption. The writer’s strike has put a dent on the show’s episode productions, so now Fox is taking the safe route and waiting until 2009. That means Jack Bauer and company will be missing from TV for a full year.


24 Season 7 Won’t Air Until 2009