24 Season 8 Update: Jack and Audrey, David Anders Signs Up

Oh, Jack, will you ever find true love? Or at least, one that doesn’t die on you or slip into a near-coma condition? Probably not, but that won’t stop fans of the long-running action-adventure show in hoping that the producers do everyone, but especially our boy Jack a really big solid by returning Audrey Raines (played by Kim Raver) back into Jack’s arms this season. Or at least, bring the girl nearby in some sort of reconnection in the upcoming (and possibly last?) season.

Says exec producer Evan Katz on the potential return of Audrey Raines in Season 8 (via EW):

Some of the things we’re doing this season preclude [her returning],” he says. “So I think not. She was in bad shape the last time we saw her.”

According to Katz, they still don’t know if FOX will renew the show for a ninth season, or if star Kiefer Sutherland will even return, as his contract expires after this season and you would think he might want to parlay his success on the show into, say, a movie career, or possibly another show. Eight years on one show is pretty amazing when you think about it.

Perhaps because of all these uncertainties surrounding the show’s future, Katz tells EW that he and the other producers have “contingencies are in place” (i.e. various storylines) that could either tie up the series at the end of Season 8, or keep it going if FOX does decide to bring it back.

Meanwhile, in less gloomy news, E! Online reports that former Heroes villain David Anders has joined the show’s eighth season as a recurring character. Anders will show up in a “handful of episodes”, though his role remains a mystery.

Being that Anders is known primarily as an accented villain, my guess is, well, he’ll be playing an accented villain.

When it comes to playing accented bad guys, I know Jack. Get it? Ahem.

When it comes to playing accented bad guys, I know Jack. Get it? Ahem.