24 The Movie May Finally Get Made Before Jack Bauer Signs up for Medicaid

After a lot of fits and starts, Twentieth Century Fox seems finally ready to make a “24” movie, possibly as early as the end of the current Season 8. There is no deal in place for the show’s Season 9, and many believe the current season will also be the show’s last on TV, with the jump to feature films expected. This is probably the best possible move for the show. Let’s face it, when Jack Bauer becomes someone’s grandpa, that’s when you know your show, along with your hero, is simply, well, getting old. Not older, but just old.

According to Variety, Fox has already hired writer/director Billy Ray (of “Flightplan” fame, and not to be confused with the guy living off his daughter’s questionable singing and acting talents) to bang out a script for them. The studio apparently loved Ray’s pitch for a “24” movie, which would take Jack Bauer to Europe. I suppose that sounds like as good an idea for a “24” movie as any I’ve heard.

At this point, dragging the show out for a ninth season on TV would just be pushing it, though I wouldn’t put it past Fox if ratings for the show remains strong. (“24” remains the network’s highest rated show behind its “American Idol” and “House”.) Blood from a stone, and all of that. EW adds that the show’s producers are currently on episodes 23 and 24, and would need to know about the TV show’s fate soon so they can write a proper season ender for Jack Bauer, either to launch his terrorist-fighting ways in the movies or pave the way for a ninth season.

Meanwhile, on TV land, poor Katee Sackhoff continues to suffer from, quite possibly, the worst “24” storyline since Kim Bauer got chased by a cougar in the mountains.

Dear God, someone please shoot me and put me out of my misery.