24 Tough Babes Aylesworth and Wynter Reunite on Damages

Sarah Wynter survived Jack Bauer, but Reiko Aylesworth wasn’t quite so lucky. After all, i’s not easy loving America’s greatest badass warrior (onscreen or off, as it turns out). Luckily for the two lovely ladies, “24” was just a TV show, and they’ve survived to reunite on the FX Channel’s third season of “Damages”. I’ve never seen “Damages”, but it’s won a ton of awards, and that’s gotta be for a reason, right? The show, I believe, revolves around the world of high-stakes litigation, and originally launched with Glenn Close and Rose Byrne as its female stars.

THR has Sarah Wynter (top, left) playing a mysterious “security specialist” who assists a high-level assistant district attorney to be played by Martin Short. Together, they try to unravel an ongoing financial scheme. Oooh, timely! Here’s hoping the two don’t hook up onscreen because, let’s face it, it’s just gonna look weird.

Aylesworth (bottom), meanwhile, gets boring wife duty as the spouse of Campbell Scott’s character, a man tied to that financial scandal Martin Short is trying to bust. Being that I don’t really see Aylesworth as the helpless wife type, I’m guessing her character will be revealed to have more involvement than originally suspected. At least, it should end up being that way.

Lily Tomlin and Keith Carradine have previously been added to the legal drama, whose 13-episode Season 3 recently began shooting in New York.

Reiko Aylesworth has survived aliens, Jack Bauer, and now ... Wall Street?

Reiko Aylesworth has survived aliens, Jack Bauer, and now ... Wall Street?