28 Weeks Later Director Flying to The Crow Remake?

Remember when “The Crow” remake was moving forward like it was going to get made despite a lot of fan outrage (including original director Alex Proyas wondering “why”?) and would get released by 2011? Well that was before the bottom fell out and director Stephen Norrington said adios and flew the coop.

Nowadays, “The Crow” is looking for a star and a director. Rumors continue to persist that the studio has offered the lead to Mark Wahlberg, which is plausible, though it’s unlikely he’ll say Yes given his commitments to a half dozen other projects, including David O. Russell’s “Uncharted” movie.

Now word is that “28 Weeks Later” director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is “in talks” to helm the remake.

It should be noted that “in talks” can mean anything from Fresnadillo bumping into someone from the studio and saying “Hey, what’s up?” to actually going into their offices, sitting down, and hatching a deal to direct.

For now, though, “The Crow” remake, much to many’s consternation, is still moving forward.

Blood from a stone, and all that…