3 Clips From Chris Peckover’s Undocumented

Alona Tal in Undocumented (2010) Movie Image

Talk about a timely movie — with a horror twist. Take a look at three clips form Chris Peckover’s film festival favorite “Undocumented”, a horror film in the guise of a faux documentary. The film is currently available in select theaters, cable VOD, and on SundanceNow, so if you want to see it, you don’t have to go far — unless, of course, someone stole your computer and you’re currently reading this in a public library, in which case you’ve got a lot more to worry about than finding ways to watch “Undocumented”. But I digress.

A small group of documentary filmmakers chronicle the trials and inequities faced by Mexican illegal immigrants. When they join a group of families crossing the border to record the experience firsthand, their truck is pulled over and detained. What happens next plunges the group into unimaginable horror.

Starring Scott Mechlowicz, Alona Tal and Yancey Arias.

Undocumented (2010) Movie Image

Scott Mechlowicz in Undocumented (2010) Movie Image