30 Days of Night Sequel Goes Direct to DVD?

I didn’t see David Slade’s “30 Days of Night” in the theaters, but I did catch it on DVD, and it was a pretty entertaining little horror flick. I’ve always loved the “Haunted House” plot of horror movies, and this one fit in perfectly with my tastes. Now comes word from Bloody Digusting that Ghost House Pictures, the company behind “30 Days”, is considering a sequel — one that would go directly to DVD. This isn’t really a surprise, because Sam Raimi’s Ghost House is starting to make a name for themselves by making sequels to moderately successful horror movies and sending them straight to DVD.

Here’s BD with the word:

Although still in very early talks, we learned last night – and confirmed with various sources – that Ghost House Pictures is looking to produce the sequel to the adaptation to his popular vampire comic, 30 Days of Night, only this time the film is planned (not yet decided) for a direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray release.

Before I saw the movie, I actually read the comics by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, including a couple of issues of the first sequel, “Dark Days”, where Stella (played by Melissa George in the movie) continues her husband’s vampire killing ways. Alas, I never finished it, and have yet to pick up the second sequel, “Return to Barrow”.

Since it’s doubtful either Josh Harnett or Melissa George would return for a direct-to-DVD sequel, the sequel, if it does happen, will probably consist of a whole new cast of characters, or maybe new actors in the same roles.

30 Days of Night Sequel