Teaser for Park Chan-wook’s iPhone Short Film Paranmanjang (Night Fishing)

At this point, everyone knows that “Oldboy” director Park Chan-wook shot an entire short film using his iPhone 4, a feat which, I predict, will open the proverbial floodgates for anyone armed with a similar mobile device to do the exact same thing. Below you’ll find a quick, 30-second teaser for Mr. Park’s ambitious flick “Paranmanjang” (aka “Night Fishing”), a film that appears to embody everything we’ve come to expect from the extremely talented filmmaker. Although the clip is very short and stingy with its footage, it’s still managed to completely capture my cinematic attention. When will the rest of the world get to experience this flick for themselves? Only time will tell.

“Paranmanjang” opens in a handful of South Korean theaters on January 27th. Thanks to Film Smash for providing the clip you’re about to watch.