300: Battle of Eva Green?

300 (2006) Movie PosterPossibly, since it seems as if former Bond girl and all around French Goddess Eva Green is currently in negotiations to play the female villain in Warner Bros.’ “300” sequel, “300: Battle of Artemisia”. She would, uh, play a character name Artemisia.

Green, best known for playing Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale”, would play “a ruthless, gold-covered goddess who persuades Xerxes to amass his army and helps lead them into battle” against “Greek forces, who have little training but are under the guidance of a general named Themistokles.”

So basically “300: Battle of Artemisia” will feature two deluded people who think they’re Gods and go through life covered in gold. You gotta love olden times.

In terms of film chronology, “Battle of Artemisia” is supposed to take place about the same time as “300’s” brouhaha at the Hot Gates involving those pesky Spartans. So yes, you might end up seeing Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas show up in the sequel if just to bro it up with “Artemisia’s” hero Themistokles.

Noam Murro (“Smart People”) will direct the film for the studio, with production set for sometime in early 2012.

Eva Green in Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Movie Image

Via : THR