Producer Says Gerard Butler May Return for 300 Sequel

Producer Mark Canton is pretty excited about a “300” sequel, and why wouldn’t he be? The film did fantastically at the box office, and the DVD continues to sell well. So well, in fact, that they’re bringing out yet another edition, this one a “complete experience”, whatever that means. And in regards to a “300” sequel, Canton says it’s not a given that Gerard Butler, the star of the first movie, won’t return despite, you know, having died at the end of film and all.

Gushes Canton to MTV’s Splash Page:

“Things are always looking good with ‘300,’ it’s a blessing and a gift. Zack’s a genius, and no matter where you go it’s the one movie that people around the world seem to somewhat identify with the most. We’re thrilled for [a sequel]; it’ll be a blast. There’s a new Blu-Ray coming out all over again shortly, so that’s great. It’s like the gift that never stops giving.”

And on Butler’s return:

“Never assume anything; never assume anything,” he repeated when I asked if the original cast were gone for good. “It’ll be what it’ll be. But if we really do it, in this case, we have a visionary creator and a visionary filmmaker.”

Let’s face it, it’s gonna be pretty weird if they bring King Leonidas back from the dead. For a day or two, anyway, then we’ll eventually embrace it. Who knows, maybe those wacky Spartans practiced voodoo back in the day? Anyways, chances are Frank Miller will probably be going the prequel route anyway, which seems like the practical thing to do if they want the original cast back.

Either way, I don’t see the success or failure of a “300” movie being dependent on anyone from the original coming back or not. This actually seems like a franchise that is more than its parts — in this case, the actors.

Below: “No sequel without Butler! Arrrrrrgh!”