300 Writer Tackles The Lost Legion for WB

Centurion (2010) Movie Image

You don’t have to be a Rome aficionado like me to appreciate the idea behind Warner Bros.’s upcoming “The Lost Legion”, but it sure helps.

The studio has hired former “300” and “Act of Valor” screenwriter Kurt Johnstad to tackle the historical actioner “The Lost Legion” for them and producer Dan Lin. So what’s it about? Glad you asked, cause it’s pretty rad, people who enjoy things that are rad.

Deadline explains:

The Lost Legion is about the first encounter between two of the most powerful forces in the history of civilization, the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty of ancient China. In 53 BC, a Roman legion was defeated in the Middle East and the surviving Roman soldiers were sold into slavery in the far east, North of China in what is now known as Mongolia. An intrepid band of Chinese warriors freed the legionnaires from captivity, and teamed up to defend China from the fiercest army in history.

Apparently it’s not all Hollywood fiction:

Lost Legion might seem like a mash-up, but it’s based on recent discoveries that indicate this actually happened. Archaeologists in Gansu province on the Chinese-Mongolian border, in one small village, found evidence of Han Dynasty artifacts dating back to 50 B.C., mixed in with ancient Roman architecture. Some of the town’s inhabitants, while Chinese, possess fair complexions, high-bridged noses, deep-set blue eyes and curly, fair hair. The town is called Lee-Chien, and has been for 2000 years, but the townspeople pronounce it “legion”. Many in the town are convinced they have Roman blood in their veins, and DNA tests support that theory, along with historical artifacts and documentation.

Whoa. That’s pretty cool.

Then again, I’ll be there just for the action. There’s nothing better than watching a bunch of dudes in armor shoving spears into each other’s faces, but maybe that’s just me.