John Malkovich Cast in Secretariat

john-malkovichVariety reports that John Malkovich has been cast to play Lucien Laurin in “Secretariat”, a film directed by Randall Wallace about the trainer of the 1973 Triple Crown winning racehorse. I’ve always thought that horse-racing would work well in film because the races seem like an extension of the character, like the boxing in “Raging Bull”, and not merely a match that is designed as another conflict to be overcome. Then again, Disney is producing it, so the film will probably be indistinguishable from “Glory Road” and “Miracle” and every other movie in which a scrappy group comes together to overcome all odds. It’s been a long time since you can say that a sports movie has actually tried to be different. Even “Hoosiers” and ” Rudy”, about as predictable as movies come, hardly seem formulaic.

Randall Wallace wrote “Braveheart” and “Pearl Harbor”, as well as having directed and produced a number of films such as “The Man in the Iron Mask”.

Diane Lane has been cast as Penny Chenery, Secretariat’s owner. The film is scheduled to be released in 2010.