4-Minute Inside Look at Hell on Wheels Season 3

Hell on Wheels Season 3 Poster - Outlaw in Charge

After somehow managing to survive cancellation after Season 2, AMC’s period western “Hell on Wheels” is back for its third season, with the 2-hour premiere set for this August 10th on the cable network. As for what to expect, well, AMC has released a new 4-minute featurette for the show, exploring what’s come before and what to expect in the new season.

It looks like ol Cullen Bohannan (Anson Mount) starts off roughing it, before slipping the ol suit back on to build that blasted railroad. I’ve always found this part of the show to be a bit uninteresting, but then again, I have almost zero interest in railroads or what it took to build them, so your mileage may vary. I’m just a western fan in general, so of course I’m tuning in for the third year, despite the shocking (and in many ways, annoying) conclusion to Season 2.

And if you thought Colm Meaney’s Durant was down for the count after last year’s season finale, well you’ve got another thing coming. The man isn’t going down without a fight! And neither is anybody else, for that matter. That railroad ain’t gonna built itself, ya know!