40 Seconds of Street Fighter Legacy Already Looks Better than Both Street Fighter Movies


If you thought the Jean-Claude Van Damme “Street Fighter” movie left a lot to be desired, and the recent “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li” was just an abortion of a product, then you probably have something in common with Joey Ansah (above). Who is Joey Ansah? Well he’s an actor most known for his role fighting Matt Damon in “The Bourne Ultimatum”. The actor has gone and made himself a “Street Fighter” short film, and he’s released two teaser trailers and some pictures to Collider. The short film for “Street Fighter: Legacy” will premiere over at Collider this Thursday, but until then, here are two short teaser trailers (about 40 seconds total).

Here’s what Ansah has to say about why he did “Legacy”:

As an actor, filmmaker and fan, I have been disappointed by the many diluted, unfaithful and outright butchered movie adaptations of fighting video games. It was clear to me, that given the way the movie industry worked, we would never see a super faithful, darker toned and more adult themed (or just plain good!) incarnation of Street Fighter unless a die-hard director or filmmaking team with game canon knowledge stepped up to the plate to helm such a project.

So almost a year ago, I began writing script treatments (with my writing collaborator and great friend Christian Howard, who also plays Ken) and a production design brief and partnered with Streetlight films before proposing my concept and vision to Capcom. I’m pleased to say they gave their blessing and permission for the project to move forward.

My team subsequently attracted a great ensemble to support and execute the project including Owen Trevor (Top gear director) who co-directed the film with me, Jacqueline Quella my Producer, Anthony Waye as my exec producer who has senior production credits on over 90 movies including the last eleven ‘James Bond’ films (Line-producer of the entire Bond movie franchise), and the renowned post production/VFX house, Prime Focus, to name but a few.

We’ve all strived to make a beautiful film that hopefully non fans will really appreciate, but ultimately this is a love letter to the fans and the brilliance of the game. As a result, I’ve gone to every length to be as faithful as possible down to the smallest details of the costume, the choreography, the narrative, the original music themes and, of course, the special moves!

After almost a year of blood, sweat, lots of favours, enthusiasm and love, we are ready to release ‘StreetFighter: Legacy’ to the people who deserve it most…….the fans.

Enjoy the two teaser trailers, and look out for the short film to be online on Thursday along with a series of making of featurettes.

Joey Ansah

Check on Ansah’s site for more updates.

Author: Nix

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  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I can't even watch the videos right now (stupid firewall at work) but the pics alone are sick. Dude was a badass martial artist too. I can't wait for this. This and the “Green Hornet” one are just sick! Some Fan films are just amazing. “Batman: Dead End” by Sandy Collora is just epic!

  • ulik

    OHHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHHHHHHH*********T!!!!!!!! I am PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!! These guys look exactly like RYU & KEN!!! The same stances and bounce too. RYU just did that “jump & downward punch” that he does in the games. FINALLY!!!!!!! I hope this movie is badass!!!! I just watched the teasers over like 15 times.

  • ulik


  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Nice! Glad it's good. Gonna watch later. Me and my friend basicaly just worked out a damn good plot for a SF film that could work. I mean sreiously work. Nothing really cheesy about it either. Basically took parts from the original anime film, and mixed it with some other ideas from other stuff and SHINKUUUU HADOOOOKEN!!! Got us a decent story.

  • ulik

    GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. I hope you can maybe colab with Mr.Ansah here and do something with your script. I'd like to see a descent Dragon ball movie too. The guys who made “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kung fu Hustle” are the perfect candidates. ATATASMUYUKEN!!!!!!(or something like that).

  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    See I'm still on the fence about DB/DBZ as a live action film. If it is done with real martial artists and they take it seriously then maybe, but even then when I try and think about what Super Saiyan would look like I shudder. DB is too kiddy, and I think the one thing that “Evolution” did right was age the character to his teens to start the story. As much as I love the source material it may just be TOO crazy and over the top to work. A live action Yu Yu Hakusho could work, as it's less flashy sometimes, people don't fly and then you could cast a fully Asian cast as it's set in the real world Japan mostly.

  • ulik

    That's why you aughta watch “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kung Fu Hustle” if you haven't yet!!! These guys can do serious AND silly and still pull it off!!! Those movies are hilarious but also have a serious side when needed. The action and Special Effects are good too.

  • thestrongestthereis

    First I would like to tip my hat off to these guys. For a Second i thought they were going to turn into ink splotches and start banging on eachother like the street fighter 4 intro. Good stuff. I wish they had better quality in filming just because it still looked weird from a production standpoint, but definitely better than anything we've seen with better production value, so i cant complain. Hopefully we will see some good things come from this.

    Secondly to my boys Ulik and Ded
    DBZ and every other title out there would work if you just made simple changes to the already written story and stuck to it. Yeah it can be silly but in translation from animation to film It doesn't mean you have to go one way or the other with kung fu epic or silly zany asian flying time. DBZ as with most good stories, incorporate every level of life. I KNOW DBZ would work because of simple HK films like storm riders, korean films like Volcano High, and the ever present redux of what a lot of less wealthy filmakers have been reusing from Rodriguez with creating entire sets on green screen. Anything can translate if people are willing to work on a real idea and not try to shortchange the IPS by catering to a demographic that the IP doesn't belong in. DBZ is definitely at one point a series for kids, but post the original series its all about Adult action, gritty heroic fights and furthering legacy(family and otherwise). By that statement alone people will probably call me a fanboy, but for everyone who has had something ruined by hollywood. I just care that things are given proper care, because i would want the same treatment for my ideas. Make Good Movies, Don't Make Horrible Translations. DBZ was stupid because the director was awful, the designs for every character was blasphemy, and the entire production was one big example of how NOT to make a good movie. They focused on having characters with recognizable names more-so than the characters. They bastardized the story while ruining any reason for you to care about it. The actors were so off beat I thought the movie was a cardiogram for heart murmurs. I bring up the points of asian actors, not as a racial thing but because there are people who are replicas of characters. Jet Li – Vegeta, Jason Lee – Goku, Zhang Ziyi – Bulma, Michelle Yeoh – Chi chi, Wesley Snipes – Piccolo, Jackie Chan – Yamcha, The best thing about half these actors is they are known but only one or two are well known enough to cost you major hollywood buck. Everyone talked crap about the DBZ E movie because you can tell the care with most movies like this by the cast. No one is looking at Captain America getting angry that Hugo Weaving is Red Skull. No one looked at Blade and got mad because it was Wesley Snipes. Anything can work with just a few minor changes where needed and a good writer and a good director that actually has a vision.

  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Dude you're crazy. I agreed with everything you said except the cast. But i'll get to that in a minute.

    I saw most of “Shaolin Soccer” and own “Kung Fu Hustle.” Special effects wise I know a good DBZ film CAN be made. That said I'm just not sure it should be made. Here's why:
    1. The fanboys-Any changes made because it'd be cheesey will still piss them off. If you made Supersaiyan without spiky blonde hair people would flip out. But if you do it and it looks bad people will flipout.
    2. The stories- I'm a DBZ fan but other than Bad guy is coming, must trian, fight hard, someone dies and is brought back, there really isn't one. As bad as “Evolution” was at least they tried to do something with it by making Goku more of a relatable character (Not Superman if he was a goofball) and yet that back fired. I will watch the anime non stop but I know the story was basically written to string fights together. If it happens It should really end at Cell at the latest.
    I had dreamed of a DBZ film for years but the more I watched the series the more I realized it be almost immpossible to get it tonally right.
    3. The Characters- Spiky hair, bulging biceps, tails, three eyes. It's things like this that would make the film kinda hard to take seriously no matter what. I mean granted they're not gonna be built like the toons, but the spiky hair is a must and we see how that turned out. Anyone says change ot or get rid of it, fanboys will cry foul! And on to you're cast.

    Jet Li and Jackie Chan are too old to play the parts. Epsecially Chan as Yamcha. Gotta cast younger. Jason Scott Lee would've been perfect just after “Dragon” or even “soldier” but not now. Snipes is too short for Piccolo since Piccolo towers above EVERYBODY! I actually like your Chi Chi and Bulma, though I'd cast a little younger for Chi Chi too. This was very close to my dream cast back in the day. I would've made Chan play Roshi though (watch Forbidden Kingdom adn see him made up as an old man). As for your final mentions of Blad eand Cap. No one is mad because with Weaving he'll be wearing a mask that makes him look like the Skull (or just be Schidt for now) and with Blade the character was 30 yrs old and outdated and the movie basically gave him his more current look. I agree a few minor changes would do DBZ some good but then the fans won't accpet it as DBZ. You and I are a special excpetion that can deal with difference in an adaptation, but most people can't. Look at the remake backlash.

  • thestrongestthereis

    I raise you a comment and a touche.
    -I don't know a woman in acting that would play a better Chi Chi Michelle Yeoh just screams the part to me. She is tender yet Strict and always makes me think of a mother when i see her. Dont know why, But I have a few actors that just feel like family to me. Michael Caine is everyone's grandpa and so is Anthony Hopkins. haha
    -Chan would be a good roshi but I feel that Chow yun fat was an excellent pick for a horrible movie.
    -Jet Li is still active, fast, and furious and can play a Vegeta. You go tell him he's too old lol
    - Fanboys can get angry, but they will be angry anyway, so make a DBZ movie and not Fan Service. If they make a good movie the fans will come around, because a good movie is a good movie and most sales come from people who dont know anything about what they are seeing. Marketing and good trailers are all that count.
    - Spiky Hair is and will always be a problem. I agree with this, but creative vision can solve this problem. If it were us I bet we could find a happy medium.
    - I take offense (not really) to your synopsis of the story. In part it is accurate, but one reason i love dragonball is because their filler episodes were mostly about normal life. Goku having to not be weird and do normal antics so Gohan could get into a prestigious private school. The horror elements instilled in the series with the Cell Saga. Also the aspects of friends and foes that are visited, for instance if a good dragonball z movie was made, I can only imagine the awesome chemistry of seeing Piccolo train Gohan after all that's happened. Yeah the series centers around fighting for the most part, but there are good elements of storytelling outside of the fighting. I mean the story went on for friggin EVER. lol.
    - I dont completely mean to say screw fanboys but honestly the term has lost its appeal to me. People need to understand that if they want to read the book, read the books or watched the anime, but a movie is completely different. I dont want to see certain things changed, but to not want anything changed is just stupid. Like Jay-Z said, (god i hate quoting rappers) “If you want the way I use to sounds, go buy my old cd”. I think I paraphrased but anyway, it still stands. Go buy the anime if thats what you want, or the comic book. The only change ive heard so far that I'm not willing to go along with in an adaptation is the Akira movie taking place in New Manhattan. Boo~