5 Clips From Jonah Hill’s The Sitter

Jonah Hill, Max Records, Kevin Hernandez and Landry Bender in The Sitter (2011) Movie Image

The formerly chubby Jonah Hill stars in “The Sitter”, which, uh, is about a chubby kid who babysits some unruly brats. Plus, he’s trying to get into some chick’s pants. Then a bunch of dudes including Sam Rockwell show up and hassle him. Basically, it’s like that ’80s movie “Adventures in Babysitting”, with Hill standing in for Elisabeth Shue. And, er, more raunchy comedy. Take a gander at 5 clips from the film below.

Noah is a suspended college student, living at home with his single mom. When he is talked into babysitting the three, young, misfit kids next door, he decides to take them along on an attempted sexual rendezvous, and the night takes a wild and dangerous turn for the worse for which he is totally unprepared.

Starring Jonah Hill, Ari Graynor, Max Records, Kevin Hernandez, J.B. Smoove and directed by David Gordon Green.

Squatting December 9th, 2011.