5 Comic Book Characters I Want to See as a Movie

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#5. Night Thrasher (from The New Warriors)

Marvel has dug high and low for new characters to turn into movies, and it’s a real shock they’ve ignored one of the best (and tired and true) ideas for a movie superhero — Night Thrasher, a young African-American vigilante patterned after Batman (he’s rich and revenge-driven) and The Punisher (he’s packing — but only for emergencies). Night Thrasher’s alter ego is Dwayne Taylor, who, like most comic book vigilantes, suffered a tragedy as a kid (his parents were killed), thus driving him to become a living weapon and right wrongs. But unlike Batman, Dwayne used his money to form The New Warriors, a superhero group. And yes, for those familiar with Marvel’s recent massive Civil War crossover event, we’re going to pretend it never happened, because let’s face it, the idea of the New Warriors as a reality TV superhero team was just retarded.

Origins Movie Plot: Rich black kid grows up, sees his parents murdered, becomes vigilante ala Batman. Except, er, he’s black. And younger. Jackpot!

Sequel Idea: Night Thrasher faces his greatest foe — his ne’er-to-well brother, Bandit!

Possible Roadblock to Movie: Well, he’s basically the African-American version of Batman; except instead of having just one Robin, he’s got the New Warriors.

Night Thrasher Movie

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