5 Comic Book Characters I Want to See as a Movie

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#4. Nova

Forget all of the various incarnations of Nova, aka the Human Rocket, before the recent Marvel series by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, which is what the movie will be based on. At its heart, “Nova” is the story of a nobody kid who learns that, given the opportunity, he can make something worthwhile of himself. That opportunity comes when he’s chosen to become a Nova Corps., and is able to wield the Nova Force power for truth, justice, and the American — well, okay, the movie will start as the story of a kid in America, but should end up in space, where Nova really shines. It’ll be like “The Last Starfighter”, minus the starships, and much more nasty alien invaders. And hey, since Nova and Night Thrasher were teammates in The New Warriors, how about a crossover?

Origins Movie Plot: Rich Rider, a high school teen slacker, is mysteriously selected by an alien to carry on the space-faring ways of the Nova Centurions, just in time to repel an alien invasion of Earth!

Sequel Idea: Nova and the Universe vs. The Annihilation Wave!

Possible Roadblock to Movie: The film’s cosmic special effects, not to mention making Nova fly in full “human rocket” mode, would cost a lot of money. Who is willing to spend that much on a mostly unknown hero?

Nova Movie

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