5 Reasons to Love Uwe Boll (Instead of Hating Him with a Passion)

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#5. His Movies Suck So Much They’re Brilliant

Who hasn’t watched an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and thought, “Dudes, I can so totally do that!” Well now you can, with the help of Uwe Boll’s movies. Yes, they’re so Godawful that you can pop in a DVD copy, get some bros together, pop some longnecks, and go to town on them.

If you insist on doing this, may I recommend the completely atrocious, beyond-incompetent “House of the Dead” as a starter? Mind you, not that picking any of his films out of bag completely at random wouldn’t do just as well, but you know, “House of the Dead” is especially horrific as to be a good starting point. And for this little (though admittedly unwitting) guilty pleasure that he provides us MST3K wannabes, we think you should cut Uwe Boll a break.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

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