5 Ways to Make the Next Transformers Film … AWESOME!

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3.  NO Dinobots!!!!!

I will be the first to admit, seeing Grimlock wreck havoc, “Bay style” would be very awesome indeed! And all I have heard from the net is “If there aren’t any Dinobots, I am not watching the movie!” But the simple fact is the Dinobots’ appearance in the films would be rather ridiculous and defy any sort of logic (even for a Michael Bay/TF movie)! As I said in #4, there are ways of having the characters in there, but that is up to the filmmakers, not me.

“Me, GRIMLOCK be in new Transformer movie!” Dear god..no..

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Author: Lazz82

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  • Guest

    Not sure of the actor’s name, but the guy who voiced “Apocalypse” in the 90’s X-Men cartoon might be a good fit for Unicron

  • Joe

    “Some people HATED the original trilogy of films, unfairly I think”…

    “Did it have flaws, yes, namely too many close-ups and not being able to see what is going on,”

    ” tried to “expand” the movie universe, in both character and story, failing on both fronts, coming off as a jumbled mess”

    “had charm and tried, dear god it tried, it just didn’t work”

    uh yeah.

    When the 25 year old cartoons had better storylines and character development than the entire trilogy then i think the hate is justified.

    • Lazz82

      Ok, the first “flaws” quote is about the first movie, and it’s a technical mistake that they fixed..and the last 2 quotes are about a film that was being prepared during a writer’s strike, I understand that you REALLY want somethings to work in a film, but they just don’t, it doesn’t make “ROTF” any LESS enjoyable in my opinion especially in the breath of the entire trilogy. And as far as comparing it to the cartoons, the storyline are taken almost entirely (albeit some stories are put together) from the cartoons. As far as character development, they got better as the films went along and that is all I can ask (especially for a summer/Michael Bay film).

  • Lazz82

    And just to ease my curiosity, who would you like to see helm the new trilogy of TF films???

    • justjoe

      Damon Lindelof and/or J.J.Abrams. They both know how to reboot franchises and to bring spectacular action and effects to screen without turning it into a brainless, stupid blockbuster mess.

      • Lazz82

        J.J. Abrams I completely agree…even though the “Star Trek” reboot also had the same problems as “ROTF” (I blame the writes Orci and Kurtzman)…I am not a fan of Damon Lendelof’s writing…”Cowboys and Aliens” written by Lindelof and the dreaded Orci and Kurtzman, was terrible, I think that is why the scripts for the original “Transformers” and parts of “ROTF” fell flat were those 2….”Dark of the Moon” was alot tighter and made more sense overall compared to the other 2 films.

      • Urizen

        No they don’t. Star Trek 2009 is every bit as brainless and full of plot holes as the Transformers movies. And that’s when Abrams is adapting a peabody and WGA award winning Sci-Fi drama instead of a cartoon blatantly created to sell toys.

  • gomugomu

    reboot and give the script to a nerd.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Number 1 had me cautiously optimistic.
    Number 2 was flawed but forgivable.
    Number 3 was so horrible I went from a Michael Bay fan to a Michael Bay hater.
    I would feel a whole lot more optimistic if only they had a different directors. New writers is good though.

    • Lazz82

      I am just curious, why in your opinion is “Dark of the Moon” worse than “Revenge of the Fallen”? I only ask because I do not understand all the hate for “DOTM”…

      • ekadoken

        Worse story
        Worse Girl
        LOTS of Plot HOLES
        Worse Ending

        • Lazz82

          Worst story? Ok…taken almost directly from an episode of the cartoon…

          Worst Girl? REALLY?????

          Lots of plot holes….this can be said of ALL the TF films…

          Worst ending….this intrigues me….HOW is this the worse ending???

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Well it’s difficult to explain, maybe it’s the new chick, but it goes farther than that.
    I walked out of 2 going hey that was quite cool.
    I watched 3 in 3D and it didn’t take me long before I went, this is absolute crap, when is the movie going to end. The end fight sequence is waaaaaaay tooooo long!
    It basically put me off the entire franchise and Michael Bay.

    • Lazz82

      Fair enough…I actually appreciated the extended “war” scene at the end…I hate when the Final Battle is cut short and it takes away from a film (Optimus’ battle with the Fallen in ROTF was WAY TOO short and took me out of the whole film actually)..The differences from the female leads vary from person to person…I thought Ms. Huntington-Whiteley could almost give a performance where Megan Fox was absolute CRAP….but to each his own…Michael Bay is an acquired taste I will give you that

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Yes the story came directly from the cartoon but my point being these movies are made for more than just kids. The original fans of the series aren’t kids anymore.
    Take Tolkien, he wrote the Hobbit for children, but when it was time to write Lord of the Rings he wrote it for the same fans, hence the older writing style.
    The writers of Transformers should have done the same, non of us are kids anymore.

    • Lazz82

      I understand what you’re saying. And the fanboy in me heartily agrees. But I also understand that they are trying to appease both fans and bring in new fans. I think the farther the movies have went..the better they have both gained new fans and satisfied (for the most part) old school fans

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    I’m not sure I agree with this list other than going back to Cybertron for a prequel or something. The games “War for Cybertron” and “Fall of Cybertron” are amazing, and the new cartoon actually is weaving the other half of the story. The canon is connected even if visually the characters differ a bit, but what they’re doing is taking the best from the classic G1 transformers, and everything that has come since and telling a new story that pays homage. For instance WheelJack isn’t the current tech guy, it’s Ratchet, because he’s a medic and Transformers are mechanical in nature. I’m not saying follow that exact formula, I’m just saying that taking things in a new direction without dropping all that’s come before could work.

    • Lazz82

      I do love “TF: Prime”…I do wish with the movie continuity, they do something new…New and old fans know (due to the video games and series’) the origins of Transformers. I want them to take this groundwork and make something truly awesome (the farther the movies go, the better they are getting)

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    One single way to make the movies much better….friggen give us an Ultra Magnus that’s true to the source material.

    • Lazz82

      Hopefully he will be in a future installment…and if he is even close…I will be happy.