5 Ways to Make X-Men: Days of Future Past … Awesome!

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The epicness that should be X-Men!

Hello everyone I have returned…and since everyone loved my thoughts on the Bryan Singer “X-men” entries…and now that he has been tacked on to direct the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past”…DEAR GOD HELP US.  I have decided that even with his involvement, these 5 things will make the movie AWESOME…or Suck Less!

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Author: Lazz82

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  • Jonathanricharder

    I would like to meet the lord of X men Days of Future Past Villain is Apocalypse who bring Mr Sinister Exodus Holocaust Archangel and I would like to meet Onslaught should join with Apocalypse. Mystique and Lady Deathstrike join with Apocalypse and Mr Sinister. Bastion Nimrod Sentinels are coming with going travel time. this is a big matter for X men Brotherhood and Hellfire Club

    I’m comfortable X men Days of Future Past having Dark Phoenix Return which Dark Phoenix always gets to change to White Phoenix of the Crown. Introducing White Phoenix of the Crown is great. she is much much so more powerful than Dark Phoenix. I would like Days of Future Past having a battle of White Phoenix of the Crown Versus Apocalypse. she wears a white one.

    I would want this beyond Hollywood to give information all comments here to Bryan Singer.

  • Guestfarfarway

    Too many people whole the world have been waiting for very very long time to request main villain is Apocalypse in X men Movie and this time Apocalypse must come he comes with Mister Sinister his son Holocaust and holocaust also bring a new Apocalypse’s member he is Exodus
    Angel kidnapped by Apocalypse, Apocalypse is made him the Archangel
    I think Onslaught and Bastion is great for coming
    Mystique won’t be joined by Brotherhood she makes Apocalypse’s rise and she would really wanted to revenged to the Magneto because he was left her when in X 3. Mystique will different because she will always bring weapons.
    and sure the Dark Phoenix [ Famke Janssen ] must be transformed into White Phoenix of the Crown who more powerful than in X 3.in XDOFP she wears a white one. her power look like in story of the White Hot Room in future timeline. I hate if January Jones as Emma Frost but I need to see an older Emma Frost she is Charlize Theron. Angelina Jolie is Great for Scarlet Witch. who will be Selene Black Queen ?
    Halle Berry must come as a leading woman in Xavier’s school. Rogue,Gambit and Nightcrawler will appear there. Havok, Banshee, Beast and an older kitty pryde must appear there too.