62-Year Old George Miller to Direct Justice League Movie?

The problem with the “Justice League” movie (and I think they’ll end up calling it just “Justice League” and not “Justice League America”, being that Hollywood can barely stand anything that would deem to “promote” America nowadays), is that I just don’t believe it will ever get made. Forget, for one moment, about all the problems associated with the characters, and who has the rights to which characters, or that Superman and Batman have their own franchises and continuity to worry about, etc. All that stuff. I just don’t believe a “Justice League” movie can be made because it would just be too complicated. But I hope I’m wrong, and in case I am, here’s the latest news on the movie, specifically, George Miller is being rumored as taking the director’s chair.

Firstshowing had this:

From two different sources, Collider and Latino Review, the same rumor has appeared: the Justice League of America movie might be directed by George Miller. Back in late February we brought you the news that Warner Brothers had announced that a JLA movie was in the works, just no further details. Well the rumor mill is running at full speed and it’s saying that the man who directed Mad Max and Happy Feet will be taking on the JLA.

Collider also adds more, stating that the same source says that the movie will feature Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern. Aren’t they a little bit late on announcing major comic book movie news given that the San Diego Comic-Con just ended? The same source states that Warner Brothers is focusing heavily on the JLA movie and that it might (don’t forget this is still a rumor) come before we even see the next Superman Returns sequel from Bryan Singer.

Also part of the report is that one of the characters, which will not yet be named, may be killed in the movie. That’s right, Warner Brothers is planning continued spin-offs and sequels for almost all of the JLA characters except for one. However, this film is so far away from actually starting even pre-production, that it won’t be for many years until we have solid story information.

So there you go. The latest rumor has George Miller, of “Happy Feet” and “Mad Max” fame, doing the movie. The guy certainly has an eclectic enough filmography to pull this off, although I have great doubt that a 62-year old man would preoccupy himself with the production of a comic book movie. Surely something this size would take at least two years of pre-production, production, and post.

If I was 62-years old and I could do any movie I want, I don’t know if I would want to spend at least two years on a kiddie comic book movie…

72-Year Old George Miller to Direct Justice League Movie