8 Genre TV Shows to Look Forward to in 2012

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Young Justice TV Series Image

Young Justice

Cartoon Network has a double play with this show followed by “Young Justice,” a show that follows the teen Heroes of the DC Universe. Unlike “Teen Titans” which did everything to put the heroes on their own and not reference their mentors, this show has them as a Black ops team that goes on missions the JL is too public to be seen doing. Boasting some new takes on characters, great action and character development as well as some stellar stories and voice work, Young Justice is the perfect show for those who miss JL/JLU and thought “Teen Titans” was too kiddie. There were a few big revelations in the last few episodes, so I’m eager to see how those all play out, and the reveal of two of the big bads in the form on the villainous conglomerate “The Light” and their interdimensional benefactors from Apocalypse. This show doesn’t play it too safe either with some rather dark episodes towards the end of the run, and next season promises more of the same.

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Author: Dedpool

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    Yes the avengers cartoons have been the best and thundercats i love them!

  • Juggernaut

    Great picks! I love each of these shows. Can’t wait for the second seasons of Game Of Thrones, Avengers:EMH and American Horror Story.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    I know right?! Avengers: EMH was just amazingly done! Young Justice is really on point too!

    @Juggernaut- I’m with you man!! Well obviously or I wouldn’t have put them on my list.