8 Overlooked Films from 2012 That Deserve a Second Look

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8 Overlooked Films from 2012

Not every film hits the mark. Hell, some films don’t even get the chance to take aim at the mark, either going straight to DVD or getting buried on some distributor’s shelf, only to finally sneak their way onto the shelves of video stores around the country (they still have those, right?) years later. Or dumped onto VOD without fanfare, as is the fashion nowadays. Just to be clear: I’m not saying these movies are great or destined for cult classic status, but in my very humble opinion, they are very watchable, and definitely deserve a second look if you skipped them the first time around for whatever reason.

In no particular order…

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Author: Nix

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  • Don

    The title of this article is illiterate. It should be “Overlooked,” not “Overlook.” Why would I want to read an article that is illiterate right out of the gate? Have you got an editor? I would argue not.

  • Monkeyboy

    There’s a reason why most of the films on that list are balls…

    Dredd & Gringo were both great flicks, especially Dredd.

    Tall Man was absolute rubbish. I’ve seen wood with more acting prowess than Jessica Biel. Shite story too.

  • Jimmy Smith

    Definitely agreed with Dredd and Get the gringo, those movies were great. too bad for mels personal problems though …. also universal soldier 4 was pretty bad.. the story was incoherent and confusing as hell. the action was good though

  • Jack Prick

    suck the dick of action movies much?

  • Tim

    I was excited to try some of these recommendations until the veracity of the list was totally thrown into question by the inclusion of Man with the Iron Fists.

    There are “worse” films out there, I suppose, but not very many. It’s a classic example of fanboy copycat art. RZA likes kung fu films and decided to make one. But liking something and having ANY ability to craft a coherent and even slightly interesting narrative are worlds apart.

    MIF is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, made worse by the fact that it had a reasonable budget and some legitimate star power. Worse than it’s narrative incompetence is the fact that it’s simply boring. I suppose that’s probably a result of the narrative incompetence, though. It’s just terrible.

    • Max X

      You’d think that Tarantino getting behind it would’ve made it better…and it didn’t!

  • Sylvia Kunene

    Loved this list, I have seen The Tall Man and must agree Biel saved it but the ending left mee feeling a bit pissed at the script writters. Dredd for me was a let down, yes the gore factor was awsum and kept me glued buut the environment was like a tour for me as it was filmed here in South Africa but overall it went down well. However one moovie that surprized me was Halo but then again being a fan of the game and storyline I hope they make a movie franchise out of it as it has so much story to give especialy with the Master Commander and their species story. I’ve noted the other movies you’ve listed that i need to get my hands on – loved this post

    • Annoyed.

      Forward unto Dawn wasn’t a movie. It was a youtube machinima mini-series that they released on home media. And it’s not master commander, it’s master chief.
      And what the hell do you mean the “enviroment” in Dredd was a “tour” for you?
      This posts makes me scratch my head.

  • bfg666

    It’s really not hard to be miles ahead of anything by Roland Emmerich…

    • David Nathaniel

      That man has been blacklisted at my house, along with Michael Bay and M. Night Shamalamadingdong…

  • CapivarUmanis

    Justice League plot revealed

    With the battle between the Kryptonians, the god of war Ares wakes up from his sleep induced by other gods – who could not handle his eternal thirst for blood – as a result of violence released in battle. Meanwhile Wonder Woman is in the world of men, because she needed to return an airman who fell on his island (as happened in the first story). With the absence of WW, Ares defeat all Amazons. With his private army of dead warriors, he invades the land of men. Superman and WW join the Batman, Green Lantern and the Flash to stop the god

    • xantheus13

      lame storyline, nice try though, bro….-__-

  • Eno-on

    Great list! Same thoughts with the Tall man, Jessica Biel was awesome on it. The movie is made to deceived the viewer and it did just that.

  • Tits

    Im a huge Wu Tang fan and also a big martial arts movie fan and there really were no redeeming qualities to Man with the Iron Fists. The acting was awful, the script was idiotic, RZA gave an atrocious performance, but I could have forgiven all of that if it had just had good fight scenes, but the fight scenes really were lost in the choppy editing. I guess thats what you get when the stars of your kung fu movie can’t actually do kung fu (RZA, Crowe, Liu). The parts with Batista in them were the only parts worth watching. At least he had some screen presence.