8 Overlooked Films from 2012 That Deserve a Second Look

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8 Overlooked Films from 2012

Not every film hits the mark. Hell, some films don’t even get the chance to take aim at the mark, either going straight to DVD or getting buried on some distributor’s shelf, only to finally sneak their way onto the shelves of video stores around the country (they still have those, right?) years later. Or dumped onto VOD without fanfare, as is the fashion nowadays. Just to be clear: I’m not saying these movies are great or destined for cult classic status, but in my very humble opinion, they are very watchable, and definitely deserve a second look if you skipped them the first time around for whatever reason.

In no particular order…

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Author: Nix

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  • TheHun

    It felt like everyone was there to make a corny kung fu movie, save for the director, who gave himself a role way above his skill level. All of the other actors were playing it tongue in cheek and having fun, except for him. Emo RZA. I’m sorry but this man has no business in movies. Honestly the film would be so much better if all of his parts were removed.

  • http://twitter.com/modelcircle modelcircle

    only seen Dredd, but surely check out The Day

  • http://twitter.com/YoureSoShain Jeffrey Shain

    Dredd’s actually kicking ass on DVD and streaming. Just took a little while to catch on.

  • Jugrnt

    I really loved The Raid: Redemption. Its a foreign film with voice dubbing, but man it is really good. Sometimes the translation gets lost, but the fight scenes are unmatched. Its a steady diet of action and the intensity never lets up. A must see!

  • http://www.facebook.com/msaez3 Manuel Saez

    ‘Dredd’ was one of (if not, my favorite) film of 2012. Anyone who missed it in the cinema should just give up their film-buff cards now, because it was amazing. ‘The Girl from the Naked Eye’ was good, but needed more action sequences (at least it was hand-to-hand-combat, and not the pussy gun battles that are pervasive in American films). ‘The Day’ was also a really good film, and it does not shy away from showing some of the more taboo elements in movies (slicing a child cannibal’s face off was epic)!

    Of all of the films on this list, ‘The Tall Man’ had to be the most pleasant surprise; I went into it thinking it was going to be some Slender Man knock-off and it actually ended up being a pretty intelligent and thought provoking film. Decent list, and shows that American audiences have zero taste when it comes to entertainment for missing out on some of these great films.

    • David Nathaniel

      Great insight… American audiences have zero taste when it comes to entertainment… How did these movies do where you’re from? My understanding is that most of these movies were pretty much universally “under the radar.”

  • Petteri

    Dredd was definitely BADASS! As a long-time Dredd fan (I read everything that had Judge Dredd in it in my teens) I teetered on the edge of my chair in the movie theater just barely able to keep quiet.

    However, the movie plot was oddly familiar with another movie I had just seen a couple weeks earlier by chance: Serbuan Maut aka The Raid: Redemption (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1899353/).

    Here’s some similarities:

    – the police assault a huge apartment complex building in the ghetto areas of town, run by an evil drug lord

    – 2 police officers (male and female) get trapped inside the building and must fight off hordes of gangsters while trying to get to the drug lord alive

    – traitorous officials with ties to the drug lord threaten the operation

    – the main (male) character is an unstoppable killing machine but he gets wounded somewhere along the way

    – not all tenants in the building side with the drug lord but, instead, decide to help the police

    At times, I felt like I was watching a tuned-up version of the same movie. Not that it mattered a whole lot since DREDD! I will definitely buy a copy of the movie if it ever comes out on Bluray or DVD (or is it already?)

    • Petteri

      For some reason, this site likes to think the closing bracket is part of the URL. Just remove it or click here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1899353/

    • xantheus13

      Dredd caom out on blu-ray Jan 8th, been out for a while now…-__-

    • Mr Spock

      Dredd was written and made before the raid, it was delayed being released because they made some late changes to it. Ive seen suggestions that the story of the raid was changed after the story of Dredd was leaked. Dredd certainly wasnt a copy

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bobby-Kenneth-LePire/740918078 Bobby Kenneth LePire

    The only movie on this list I haven’t seen is ‘The Bay town Outlaws’, which I can now get out through work, super excited! Of the other titles, I liked to loved all of them, especially ‘The Day’. Wonderful list!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000197647313 Temptous Jones

    Wow… I feel the same way regarding your picks of underrated movies. The Man With The Iron Fist, Get The Gringo, The Baytown Outlaws were my absolutely favorites. I am still at a lost as to how these movies barely got any recognition. Get the Gringo had me laughing so so hard, Mel put his foot in that role. The Baytown Outlaws had me from the moment they knocked on the door… and the look on one Brother’s face when asking his other Brother Are you the Tard Whisperer?…I have watched these movies over and over again. The Man With The Iron Fists I like because they had some badass fight scenes and I love martial art movies. We are on the same page. For those who did not see these movies watch them and then you will understand why we feel the way that we do…

  • Mikey

    I saw the bayton outlaws, dredd, get the gringo, and tall man. They were fairly overlooked and not particularly good (some of them pretty crappy) movies. your list doesn’t make me want to watch any of your other recommendations…

  • ozzmosiz

    Universal Soldier: DOR was fricking awful!

    • Max X

      Am I the only one who felt extremely uncomfortable watching the kitchen execution scene in that movie, where they basically kill the whole family????