8 Things to Look Out for in Duncan Jones’ Source Code

Director Duncan Jones’ “Source Code”, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who time-travels into the last 8 minutes of a bombing victim’s life to uncover the identity of the bomber, is a pretty good movie with a nifty premise, one of those sci-fi films that is parts action, parts drama, and parts ridiculous science. Mind you, not that the film’s cornball science should matter to you. This is, after all, a science fiction movie.

In any case, Jones recently sat down with the boys at Empire, and gave them a list of things to look out for while watching the film. I caught a couple of these, some more Easter Egg-y than others, but didn’t catch a lot of them, particularly some of the more peripheral hints that Jones apparently sprinkled throughout the movie.

Here are the eight things to look out for while watching the film in theaters (or later, at home on DVD):

1. Pay attention to the opening title graphic for an early clue.

2. A little nod to Moon. Check Christina’s ringtone.

3. If you listen very carefully to Colter Stevens’ father, you may find you recognize the voice.

4. Look closely at the “bean sculpture” as the camera tracks in on Colter and Christina.

5. Notice that director Duncan Jones makes a cameo in the film – in the form of a coffee and doughnut shop.

6. Keep an eye on Captain Goodwin’s eye-line, for an important hint that will pay off later in the film.

7. Colter follows a man on to the train platform only to get into a fight. Perhaps he might have done better to look at the man sitting on the roof of the van in the background behind him.

8. Remember the shape of the cockpit window.

Did you catch any of them?

“Source Code” is currently playing in theaters.